Motor Dynamometer Test System for IEC60034/IEEE112

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    • Type:AC,DC,Other
    • Test item 1:Ambient Temperature
    • Test item 2:Stator Winding
    • Test item 3:Frequency
    • Test item 4:Synchronous Speed
    • Test item 5:Slip Speed
    • Test item 6:Speed
    • Test item 7:Line-to-Line Voltage
    • Test item 8:Line Current
    • Test item 9:Input Power
    • Test item 10:Core Losses
    • Test item 11:Stator Winding Losses
    • Test item 12:Power Across Air Ga
    • Test item 13:Rotor Winding Losses
    • Test item 14:Windage and Friction Losses
    • Test item 15:Total Conventional Losse
    • Test item 16:Torque
    • Test item 17:Dynamometer Correction
    • Test item 18:Corrected Torque
    • Test item 19:Output Power
    • Test item 21:Additional-Load Loss
    • Test item 20:Apparent Total Losses
    • Test item 22:Stator Winding Losses
    • Test item 23:Corrected Power Across
    • Test item 24:Corrected Slip
    • Test item 25:Rotor Winding Losses
    • Test item 26:Corrected Additional-Load Losses
    • Test item 27:Corrected Total Losses
    • Test item 28:Output Power
    • Test item 29:Efficiency
    • Test item 30:Power Factor

    Key Features

    High efficiency motor dynamometer test system. We offer a wide range of motor test system equipment and other machinery to suit a variety of needs. Contact us to learn more about our products.

    Product Introduction (Test equipment specifications varied by customer demand)

    This automatic motor dynamometer equipment (bench)is used to test motor characteristics and efficiency. The test methods satisfied International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) regulations (IEC60034-2-1-1; IEC60034-2-1-2; IEEE112-B). By controlling the load or speed of motor, system will gather all data of each point at same time to calculate, draw the characteristic graph, print out and save whole information for motor development, design, and production. Those data include voltage, current, input power, torque, thermal and speed etc. The system can generate report formats include IEC60034-2-1-1, IEC60034-2-1-2 and IEEE112-B.

    Motor Testing Range

    • AC and DCsingle-phase / three-phase motor
    • Applicable horsepower: According to customer demand
    • Measured torque range: According to customer demand
    • Maximum speed: according to customer needs

    Measurement Items

    • 1. Ambient Temperature 2. Stator Winding Temperature 3. Frequency 4. Synchronous Speed 5. Slip Speed 6. Speed 7. Line-to-Line Voltage 8. Line Current 9. Input Power 10. Core Losses 11. Stator Winding Losses 12. Power Across Air Gap 13. Rotor Winding Losses 14. Windage and Friction Losses 15. Total Conventional Losses 16. Torque 17. Dynamometer Correction 18. Corrected Torque 19. Output Power 20. Apparent Total Losses 21. Additional-Load Loss 22. Stator Winding Losses 23. Corrected Power Across 24. Corrected Slip 25. Corrected Speed 26. Rotor Winding Losses 27. Corrected Additional-Load Losses 28. Corrected Total Losses 29. Output Power 30. Efficiency 31. Power Factor
    • Caculation and Summary :Intercept, Slope, Correlation Factor, Point Deleted, Load, in % of rated, Power Factor, Efficiency, Speed, Line Current
    • Test items details please see test report sample

    Major Components (Test equipment specifications varied by customer demand)

    • Power frequency inverter
    • Power measuring device
    • Torque and speed measurement system
    • Motor characteristic measurement device
    • AC motor and controller
    • Power disk: controller and related switch
    • Control panel: power meter, torque, rpm display and related control loop
    • Temperature measurement
    • Computer Hardware (Industrial PC)
    • Operation software system for measurement 

    Product Features

    • Test methods satisfied IEC and IEEE regulations for motor characteristic
    • Report formats include  IEC60034-2-1-1, IEC60034-2-1-2 and IEEE112-B
    • Suitable for single / three phase induction motor
    • Motor T-N curve in Constant speed control model and  Constant torque control model
    • Fixed-point test: No-load test, Load test, Blocking test
    • Test data record and save 
    • Live measurement data on sreen

      Product references

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      Operation Interface Tab 1

      Operation Interface Tab 2

      Test, Analysis and Print out Tab

      Test Raw Data Excel Sample

      IEEE 112-B Test Report Sample

      IEC 60034-2-1-1 Test Report Sample

      IEC 60034-2-1-2 Test Report Sample

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)