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Vibration Motor 2 Pole A-202 30 KgF

Vibration Motor Product Descriptions  High-performance motor-driven vibrating generator  Multi-model lineup meets the varied needs of customers  Standardized screw size and location for vibrated object   Solid housing (frame and base) design for long-life operation   Easy maintenance & high rel

Pump Auto Test System

Product Introduction For Pump Automatic Test System, test items include Head Height (pressure), Flow, Pump Efficiency, Electric characteristic (Amp, Volt, Watt, cycles, motor speed, etc) Major Measurements   Pump power  Pump characteristic & efficiency  Motor characteristic & efficiency 

3 Phase Motor Production Test System (Bench)

Specifications (Size can varied by customer demand)   Insulation test :DC 500V/0~500M Ω Insulation resistance test: 0~3000 V Leakage current test: 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0/ 5.0 /10 mA Operation Test Voltage: 0~260V Meter: AC Volatage and Current Rpm speed measurement: Options Others are

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I AND I International Co., Ltd. (I&I) established in 2016, was Chuan Sheng Electric Co. Ltd international business department and merged related companies’ oversea BU including Yu Hsheng Electric Co. Ltd and CHENG HSENG Electric Co. Ltd.

I AND I executes related companies’ export business as well as trade other partners’ products including machine, industry/commerce parts and devices.

I AND I collaborate with Taiwan Electric and Machinery Industry Area resources and convenient transportation access. We offer and integrate multi-products, multi-logistics options, and multi-payment methods not only to serve B2B customers but also fit small business or B2C requirements.

"Partner in need is partner indeed" I AND I International Co. always stand with you

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