Vibration Motor 4 Pole 1.1HP B-475

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Key Features

Product Description

1. Multi-model lineup meets the varied needs of customers
2. Standardized screw size and location for vibrated object 
3. Solid housing (frame and base) design for long-life operation 
4. Easy maintenance & high reliability

Product Feature

1. Amplitude adjustment available
2. Frequency (50/60Hz) and Power input (220V/380V/440V) selection by ordered
3. Dust tight construction and splash-proof design
4. Long life bearings and strengthen armature shaft

Product Specification / Models 

  • Chuan-Sheng 4 Pole Vibration Motor (CSVM B-475)
  • Horsepower: 1.1 (HP)
  • Vibrating Force: 2000 (Kg)
  • Speed:1800 rpm (60Hz);1500 rpm (50Hz)
  • Voltage: 220/380/440V, other voltage available for customize
  • Phase:Three phase


  1. Preventing coagulation in materials storage bins or feeder conveyance pipes .
  2. Non-destructive vibration testing machines used in IT and electronics products.
  3. Vibrating topple over concrete forms and other constructions.
  4. Provide powder or other tiny granular material to load maximize capacity in containers.
  5. De-bubbling epoxy resin products for example polymer, PCBs. Etc.
  6. Dislodging dust and particularities into collectors to control air pollution
  7. Conveyor machine in any kind of industry,such as gravel pits and mind.
  8. Cooling application for grainy materials (vertical vibrating coolers and conveyors).
  9. Mold release machines, recirculating sandblasters, and cooling sifters ins casting plants.


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