Concrete table vibrating machine vibration motor vibrator 30 Kg Force 3600/3000 rpm

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Source of Vibration~Heart of Power


  • Horse Power:1/32 HP
  • Phase:Single 1
  • Output Power:23W
  • Voltage:110V, 120V, 220V, 240V
  • Speed:50Hz: 3000rpm / 60Hz: 3600rpm
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Vibrating Force30kg:30kg (290 Nt)

Key Features

Product Description
  • High-performance motor-driven vibrating generator
  • Multi-model lineup meets the varied needs of customers
  • Standardized screw size and location for vibrated object
  • Solid housing (frame and base) design for long-life operation
  • Easy maintenance & high reliability
Product Features
  • Amplitude adjustment available
  • Voltage input can customized by demand
  • Dust tight construction and splash-proof design
  • Long life bearings and strengthen armature shaft 
  • IP 55 and CE certification
  • Casting housing and enhancement screw base for strong protection
  • Aluminum extrusion one piece formed housing for light-weight model
    (A-204, A-209, A-212, A-218)


BrandChuan Sheng CSV
Power20 W (1/32 HP)
Vibration Force30 KgF ( 290 Nt)
Phase - VoltageSingle 1Φ - 110/120/220/240V
RPM ( 60/50 Hz)3600/3000 
Weight2.3 Kg
IP ProtectionIP 55
Place of originTaiwan


Vibrator Application


2 Pole

  • Preventing coagulation in materials storage bins and feeder conveyance pipes    used by manufacturers. 
  • Deal with powder and other tiny granular material in containers to load maximize capacity
  • Dislodging dust and partialities into collectors to control air pollution.
  • Non-destructive vibration testing machines used in the computer and electronics    industries.
  • Vibrating topple over concrete forms. 
  • De-bubbling epoxy resin products such as PCBs. etc.

4 Pole

  • Preventing pipe clogging on small size materials storage tanks.
  • Deal with powder and other tiny granular material in containers.
  • Dual motor resonance-type bilge machines.
  • Materials conveyance and sandblasters in casting plants.
  • Vibrating liquid filtration machines for sludge.
  • Vibration-type electrostatic filters.
  • PVC granule sifting machines having a processing capacity.
  • Medium to small size conveyor and sifting machines.

6 Pole

  • Preventing pipe clogging on medium and small size materials storage tanks.
  • Vertical vibrating coolers and conveyors for grainy materials.
  • Water or air type vibrating coolers.
  • Mold release machines, recirculating sandblasters, and cooling sifters in casting plants.
  • Vibrating sifters for raw material such as food or chemical (plastic, PCX granules).
  • Conveyor sifter machines used in mineral extraction plants and mines.
  • Medium distance conveyors and sifting machines.

8 Pole

  • Large scale packing conveyor machines. 
  • Vibrating sifters and vertical coolers for wet chemical ingredients.
  • Heated glass waste water cooling conveyors.
  • Food and chemical raw materials dehydrating and cooling conveyors.
  • Food cleaning, drying and sifting machines.
  • Earthquake simulation machines (power adjustable).
  • Long-distance material conveyors (six meters or less).
  • Low-speed, long-distance conveyors (utilized for electroplating, casting, etc.)
  • Vibration testing machines for large items

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  • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)


  • A202 Live Demo_Taipei Pack

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