Strainer Coolant Pump 1/4 HP TC-4200

  • Model No.:TC-4200
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Type:Other,Vertical
  • 110/220V, 220/380V, 208/415V, 220/440V, 230/460V, 400-415V, 440V:Voltage
  • Phase:Single/Three
  • 3/4"PT or 1/2"PT:Cailber
  • 50/60Hz:Frequency

Key Features

Product Description

1. Powerful and high-performance coolant liquid pump
2. Multi-model lineup meets the varied requirements
3. Standardized screw size and locations for applications and repair
4. Easy installation and high reliability

Product Feature 

1. Professional design to perform solid entire unit and high stability
2. High quality aluminum eliminate crack & breakage
3. Whole models with efficient filterable strainer
4. Well heat-released fan to dissipate operation thermal
5. Product and design with utility patents
6. International quality standard and customize are available

Product Sprcification/Models

Specification: (1/4) HP
Immerse Height: 200mm

HP Discharge Bore L/min Output Lift/Meter Weight
Single Phase Three Phase Single Phase Three Phase (KG)
1/4 1/2"PT 72 74 9.8 10.4 6.4
3/4"PT 87 94 9.5 10.2 6.4



Designed for the circulation and spraying of cooling lubricants, especially machine tools: Lathing machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, lapping machine, milling machine, CNC machine, pressing machine, stamping machine, tapping machine, punch machine, slitting machine, cutting machine, machinery cooling system. Oil cooling system, etc


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Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:Other ,TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order:1 Pieces