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Stator Winding Coil Tester (2 Holders)

  • Model No.:PC_CH-PWG5000AC
  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Type:AC,DC,Other
  • Test item 1:DC resistance tester
  • Test item 2:Layer short ( Impulse ) tester
  • Test item 3:AC Hi-Pot (puncture) and Insulation resistance tester
  • Test item 4:Current and rotation direction tester
  • Test item 5:Industrial computer, monitor and operation software
  • Test item 6:High voltage switching circuit
  • Test item 7:Stator ( Coil ) holder A, B
  • Test item 8:Equipment box

Key Features

Product Introduction

This tester is applicable for motor stator and Coil test in QC and semi-product stage (1Φ3L, 1Φ6L, 3Φ3L, 3Φ6L). Test accurate and easy to operate, save test time, improve product quality. Our company has other test equipment to provide customer with different needs.

Major Measurements

  • DC resistance test : default range 2.000Ω/20.00Ω/200.0Ω 3 sections 
  • Layer short ( Impulse ) test : default voltage in 0.5-5kV; present area ratio, area difference ratio and corona)
  • AC Hi-Pot (puncture) test : default voltage 0~5kV, and leakage current setting 0~40.00 mA)
  • Insulation resistance test : default  DC voltage 10~6000 VDC, and  insulation resistance 0.1-50000M Ω (Ohm)
  • Current test :Test voltage 2Φ/3Φ 5V~100V in AC and 20A(Max.).
  • Rotation direction test : identify  rotation direction

Major Components

  • DC resistance tester
  • Layer short ( Impulse ) tester
  • AC Hi-Pot (puncture) and Insulation resistance tester
  • Current and rotation direction  tester
  • Industrial computer, monitor and operation software
  • High voltage switching circuit
  • Stator ( Coil ) holder A, B
  • Equipment box

Product Features

  • Real-time interval record computer.
  • Multi-wires resistance measurements and  20  degree c temperature calibration.
  • Withstanding voltage( Hipot ) and Insulation resistance test.
  • Layer short test ( impluse test )
  • Operating current and rotation direction identify
  • 200 sets benchmarking (benchmark unlimited).
  • Test data can save as  excel format.
  • Customized products

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Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Pieces